My name is Ben Wagner, a French native calling beautiful New England home.
Growing up in France has given me a unique perspective which you’ll see reflected in the images I create. Being a European native,
I grew up in a culture which values romance and the arts, and this has inspired me in many ways. Besides the benefit of my French
heritage, living in France allowed me geographical access to some of the most historically and artistically rich places in all of
Europe. And I did not take this for granted. Living in such close proximity to this wealth of culture has rooted in me a deep love for
the nuances of beauty. These influences have shaped me into the photographer I am today. Whether I am photographing a wedding,
family, or an individual, I am on an adventure. Each time, I am searching to capture the essence of those on the other side of my lens.
You’ll find that I am easy going and flexible. I love to listen to you and hear your ideas. Want to try something new? I’m in.
Let’s pioneer something uniquely you. Something that will stir your heart as you look at it today and twenty years from now.


So, here’s my question:
Will you go on this adventure with me?



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